Founded in 1991, CHASE, LLC provides comprehensive services designed to promote workplace safety and security through the reduction of substance use/abuse.

Headquartered in Dickson, Tennessee, the CHASE team provides rapid response and personal service to keep clients compliant with federal guidelines. Regardless of when CHASE partners with a client – at the beginning to create a company’s drug-free plan and policy, or later as the
third party provider of on-site sample collection/testing/reporting, CHASE’s
experienced team maintains a level of professionalism making it one of the most respected third party administrators in the country.

Mission Statement:

At CHASE our mission is to help clients establish and maintain a safe, drug free work place environment for their employees.  We are deeply committed to setting standards of excellence for the administration of drug and alcohol programs. We strive to continuously and successfully provide high-quality, comprehensive services to our clients. The members of the CHASE team place the upmost importance on customer satisfaction and individualized service meeting each client’s needs.


475 Henslee Drive
Dickson, Tennessee 37055
Phone (615) 446-5888


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